Gia Hill and Noma – Two bodies, one personality

Meet the identical twins, 22, from Florida, USA. These striking girls are two bodies but just one unique personality. So for the first time we have one profile for two models.

And what bodies. Not just tall, they tower above other models. In fact, they’re the tallest models Petter Hegre has ever worked with. And while they may look like refined catwalk models, they’re actually more likely to be chilling out with their feet up, munching peanut butter sandwiches.

Surprisingly, both the twins have difficulty holding on to boyfriends (so you still have a chance!). Their bond is so deep and strong it’s hard for any man to come between them.

Coming from small town Florida, they were picked on as kids due to their remarkable bodies. But, united, nothing could touch them. They’ve grown into very playful, confident and sexually open women.

They share the same incredible looks, but also a bond that can only exist between twins. With these models, you really do get twice the pleasure.

Heidi – Wild, untamed and gorgeous

Heidi, 18, is a natural beauty from the deep forests of Norway. A mysterious land filled with legends of ancient tribes of Norwegian trolls.

People wrongly think trolls are stupid and ugly. But that’s just the myth created by the film industry. In fact, some trolls are incredibly beautiful and intelligent creatures.

And you can see it for yourself with this amazing wild mane of hair and a body so gorgeous it’s as if Mother Nature herself created it. And with 6 years of ballet training, she’s pretty flexible, too.

Studying art and design, Heidi dreams of being a big time fashion designer. As soon as she turned 18 she left home to seek thrills and adventure.

New to nude modelling, she loves the tingling feeling in her stomach when she strips off. And we’re pretty sure her naked body will give you a few tingles, too!

Gaby – Relentless Climax

Gaby loves tennis, watching every game possible. The graceful athletes moving like dancers, the nail-biting tension and the competitive drama.

Her dream is to attend the final of the Australian Open. And as you’re about to see for yourself, Gaby knows how to play a few good strokes of her own.

Just 20 years old and from the Czech Republic, Gaby is new to erotic modelling. But you’d never know it from her performance in front of camera. She has no fear going full throttle. For proof of that, just check out her time with the Europe Magic Wand – it’s an unbelievable example of the sexual power of women.

Currently a student, Gaby has decided that travelling the world as an erotic model is much more fun. She craves real adventure and pleasure in life.

And being so totally multi orgasmic, she’s bound to find it!

Katie – Sassy Seductive Star

Katie dreams of the bright lights of Hollywood. She wants to be a star, with the world’s paparazzi at her door. And she’s ambitious, hoping one day to accept a small golden statue!

This is no pipedream for the 20 year-old from Kiev. Katie has the talent, currently studying her third year at acting school (the same academy that our own lovely Emily and Dakota attended).

And one thing’s for sure: she has the looks. Blond hair, blue eyes and the kind of body you want to pour cream over and lick clean.

Her dream role? She wants to be the star of a high-profile soap, playing the sexy and seductive girl next door. She wants the role of the heartbreaker, the sassy seducer of men who wrecks every relationship within a mile of her.

One day the world will know who Katie is. But for now, she’s all yours: totally and utterly naked.

Nataly N – Naked Attitude

Wild, independent and alternative, Nataly is not mainstream or girl-next-door. Her style is pure punk rock. And you can forget boring, too – this girl is exhilarating.

Her dream is to hit the road with the Rolling Stones. As the ultimate rock and roll groupie, there’s no doubt she’d fit in. Wild horses could not hold her back. And she’s guaranteed to give you satisfaction.

This skinny, blond 24 year-old Belarusian has ravishing milky white skin. And somehow her posture and body speak with attitude. You can tell she is one street savvy bombshell.

She loves the fast-past buzz of New York City (her tough girl image is a perfect match). And despite how confident she appears in front of camera, this was her first nude photo shoot.

So be warned: Nataly is a fully loaded sex pistol ready to blow your mind.

Aya Beshen – Oozing Lust and Love

Wildly passionate, Aya has emotional fire roaring in her belly. A real firecracker of a personality, there’s never a dull moment.

A professional fashion model from Kiev, she is driven wild by the camera. Nothing gets her more excited. But she has had to wait for her 18th birthday before getting to show you all the assets she is blessed with.

Her body is spectacular: super skinny yet with huge handfuls of joy. She has a figure that makes women jealous and men drool. And have you ever seen more delicious lips? They’re big, they’re hot and they’re full of pure lust.

Just like the leading lady from Oscar nominated Betty Blue, Aya is a free spirited beauty you could never cage. Don’t even try it. Her life is an uncontrollable rollercoaster. Wanna go for ride?

Victoria R – Sexy, Seductive and Spectacular

Victoria loves to dance. With a passion for ballet, she sees her body as a physical instrument. She’s tight, toned and tantalizing.

Victoria is a true Brazilian beauty – the perfect combination of powerful seduction and raw passion. And with that ass, there can be no doubt about her heritage.

Victoria likes to be naked – which is good news for everyone. At just 19 years old, she is totally comfortable in her own skin. In fact, we think Victoria would walk the streets naked if she were allowed.

Make sure you’re sitting down; this unique body is simply incredible (even by our high standards). If you and God could sit down together and create the perfect female body – this would be the result.

Naomi Swan – Lovely Lips

Due to popular request, Naomi has made the big leap across from Hegre cam-girl to full-blown model. And we think we know which body part has caused all this attention… She’s unique, fascinating and impossible to ignore!

20 years old and from Ukraine, Naomi has a joyful, kind personality but also fiercely intelligent hazel eyes. She’s the kind of passionate girl who will debate the world of politics with you over a bottle of red wine, and make you laugh all night long. She’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face – in more ways than one.

Currently a student, she’s a free-spirited hippie by nature. Active in local politics, Naomi (like Ghandi) believes you need to be the change you want to see.

And with her incredibly alluring and sensual body, she might just change the world.

Melinda – She’s a girl of few words

Melinda is a little pot of fresh honey straight from the Hungarian countryside – so good you could eat her. She may be the shy and silent type but she’s so damn delicious you’ll just want to lick your screen.

Melinda is a girl with real soul and the sweetest spirit. And when you look into her eyes you’ll see something raw, something animal. With such an expressive figure, she won’t need to tell you what she’s thinking and feeling. You’ll just know. Her body does the talking and it speaks volumes.

A beautiful flower from a rural village, 22-year-old Melinda left home for the big bad world, knowing she had a special gift to offer.

Naturally athletic, naturally toned, this honeyed body is exactly how nature intended. Enjoy.

Milena – Casting a spell on you

Milena has a real calmness and confidence about her. This stunning 22 year old Ukrainian glides through life leaving a little magic with everyone she meets. And how about those enchanting blue eyes? Completely mesmerising!

As comfortable behind the camera as in front of it, Milena is yet another natural beauty to join the team here at Hegre Art. A model for four years, keen blogger and photographer, she has built a huge and loyal following. We’re certainly going to join her fan club.

A close friend of our very own Emily, Milena has the longest blonde hair and sweetest personality you can imagine – a wonderful model to work with and the sort of girl you’d love to spend an evening with. And if you look at that glint in her eye, you can tell she’s sweet but not totally innocent.

We hope she’ll be waving her magic wand for a long time to come…